Success! Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make You Feel Luckier

What’s luck got to do with it?

Lucky people smile twice as often and engage in more eye contact than unlucky people do. According to scientists, this leads to more social engagements, which in turn generates more chances for positive experiences. With cosmetic dentistry performed by your dentist in San Antonio, you can gain the confidence to smile more … maybe that’s all the luck you need!

Whether you’re looking to network socially or professionally, here are some cosmetic treatments we offer at North Babcock Dental Care…

Teeth Whitening

Sparkle-up your smile with teeth whitening. If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry for the first time, this simple procedure can produce striking confidence-building results – up to 8 shades for some people!

White Fillings

Illuminate the shadows with white fillings. Replace dark, older fillings with new natural-looking materials that can be matched to your enamel.

Tooth-Colored Bonding & Veneers

Generate a younger, more attractive smile with bonding or veneers, which offer value-added benefits! They can cover the deepest stains, repair cracks, chips, and rough edges, plus disguise gaps, re-proportion, and balance the appearance of your smile without braces.


If your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like but you’d rather not disguise it with bonding or veneers, Invisalign may be the answer you’re looking for. Clear, removable aligners gradually straighten your teeth – and they are so discreet, nobody will know you’re wearing them – unless you tell them!

Dental Crowns

Add strength and beauty to your smile with natural-looking crowns. If your teeth have been weakened by root canal therapy, multiple fillings, or trauma, porcelain crowns will restore strength and improve appearance.

Gum Sculpting

Create a more balanced and symmetrical gumline with gum sculpting. Whether your gums have begun to recede or you have been longing to reveal the beautiful enamel under too much gum, we have a technique that will work for you.

Is there something about your smile that you’d like help with? Give us a call! After a thorough exam and no-obligation consultation, we’ll go over your choices – it’s the first step in finally making your smile dreams come true!

Yours in continuing dental health,
North Babcock Dental Care, your dentist in San Antonio